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We offer a combination of in-office and outdoors-based programs based on your needs. It is possible to invest in consecutive programs until your goals for therapy have been reached.

No riding is involved and no previous horse experience is required.

Private Sessions

Current Refuge client? Interested in supplementing your existing therapy with sessions with the horses? You can mix and match private sessions in the office along with private sessions at the farm, depending on your needs. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and typically offered once a month, weather permitting.

Already have an existing therapist elsewhere? Contact us to find out about how to enhance the work you are doing in office with sessions with the horses. We are happy to collaborate with your existing therapist to align your therapeutic goals in both places.

New to therapy altogether? We’ll be happy to chat further with you about what you need the most right now, your goals, and explore some next steps.

Weekend Workshops and Healing Intensives

From spring to fall, we offer a variety of weekend retreat workshops open to groups of 4-8 people on specific themes and topics. Workshops are for adults aged 18+. For a list of upcoming workshops, click here.

Coming in from outside the area and interested in booking a healing intensive? For more information about this option, please click here.