Afraid of Horses?

“I’m really curious about your programs, but I’m a little afraid of horses and have never ridden before.”

That’s totally ok.  No horse or riding experience is required to take part in therapy programs, and no riding is involved.

EquuSpirit services are offered in a variety formats to suit your needs:

  • At a quiet, serene office in Guelph, Ontario, with no horse contact whatsoever, in which we will work towards your goals for therapy.
  • peaceful outdoor farm, where horse contact can still be minimal, ranging from no contact (with a focus on being in nature), observations at a distance, and interactions over the fence, up to more direct contact with one safe horse or a few safe horses.

Whether we work with horses or not, the focus will be on learning how to develop the skills you need to create more balance in your life, manage your stress and overwhelming emotions differently, and heal your relationship with yourself and others.